You want need a website

You want a website that attracts customers and shows your business in the best light. You want to showcase your hobby. You need on-line registration for your workshops. You want to blog. You want to accept payments or donations.

And you have no idea where to start.

Start with HeatherWorks, LLC. I've worked with small businesses, charitable organizations, doctors' offices, hobbyists, bloggers, and more. I will create a website for you that is beautiful and functional.

My Philosophy: Your website is just that - yours. Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind design with custom registration systems and contact forms, a quick one-page Wordpress site to blog about your hobby, or something in between, Heatherworks LLC will help you achieve your goals.

I'll help you with the nuts and bolts things like choosing a domain name and setting up hosting, then I'll work with you on the design, content, and special features of your site until you absolutely love it.

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Your website needs…

Heatherworks LLC will keep your website secure, protected, and current. We'll perform regular backups, content updates, security updates, and more.

Content updates can involve something as simple as changing a sentence or resizing an image, or as complex as adding entire pages or sections, revamping a contact form, or changing the entire layout.

Some of the things Heatherworks LLC offers:

  • Add or update content and images
  • Add photo galleries
  • Add shopping cart, google maps, paypals buttons, or other third-party software
  • Modify style or layout
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Convert static site to Wordpress
  • Changes to web forms
  • site backup - all files, images, and database
  • analytics report
  • check for broken links
  • check for missing or un-optimized images
  • wordpress core updates and plugin updates

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Are you looking for more?

Wordpress is one of the most popular, easy-to-use content managements systems available today. Heatherworks LLC can help you build and maintain your wordpress site painlessly. If you want to maintain the site, I'll show you how. If you don't want to take that on, sign up for maintenance plan with Heatherworks LLC.

Need something more for your website? Look no further. Heatherworks LLC does custom programming and database design to fit your website needs.

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